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Brief reviews of the following books can be found on this website through the links provided:

The following books have not been reviewed on this website, but further information can be found about them where the links are provided:

  • 2006: Koopmans J.J.G., The fire burns much brighter …, Thesis submitted for the degree of Ph.D., published by University of Sheffield Sep 2005, ISBN 978-90-6464-013-1
  • 1985: Quayle J. P., Editor, Kempe’s Engineers Year-Book, 90th Edition, Morgan-Grampian Book Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1985.
  • 1941: Wright R. V., editor, Locomotive Cyclopedia of American Practice, Simmons-Boardman Pub. Corp., New York, 1941, as reprinted by Kalmbach Pub. Co., Wisconsin, 1972.
  • 1936: Phillipson E. A., Steam Locomotive Design: Data & Formulae, The Locomotive Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1936.

A large number of other excellent titles are listed on Martyn Bane’s website.

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