How a Steam Loco Works

How a Steam Locomotive Works by Dominic Wells

Wells D.How a Steam Locomotive Works, publ. Ian Allan Ltd, 2015. 160 pages 263 x 211mm.

This is a fully revised, expanded and improved version of the 2010 publication of the same title, reviewed previously on this website.  The new edition contains 19 chapters (four more than the first edition) covering every aspect of steam locomotive technology including:  Combustion; Water Management; Boiler Fittings; Combustion; Chassis; Cylinders; Wheel Arrangement; Valve Gear; Engine Layout; Enhancements; Lubrication; Controls; Brake Systems; and Brake Components, with additional chapters on locomotive operation.

The book is illustrated with an abundance of photographs and simplified diagrams, making the book an excellent reference for anyone who is not familiar with the detailed workings of steam locomotives and especially for trainee drivers and firemen.

Whilst not focusing on “modern steam“, the book includes an excellent description of the Gas Producer Combustion System (as used on the locomotives of the Kirklees Light Railway).

Below is a scan from a typical page of the book showing the clear and simple illustrations prepared by the author, which help to make the book so comprehensible.  (Click on image for enlargement).