Isn’t 305 psi boiler pressure going to create major design and maintenance problems?

The following comes from a “Is it just a Phantom” – David Wardale’s response to Herr Ebel published in Lok Report in March 2001:

“The proposed working pressure of 21 bar is less than the maximum successfully used in America, and the normal nature of train operation will give a mean boiler stress significantly less than the nominal maximum figure of 116 kg m-2h-1. Experience shows that the mechanical well-being of a boiler is more a question of good detail design (much of which originated in Germany) and water side cleanliness than of pressure or loading. Thus a high pressure boiler designed to accommodate high thermal loading without excessive mechanical stress, and which is kept scale and corrosion free by the kind of water treatment developed by Porta, will give less trouble than a badly-designed boiler operating at low load and pressure but which is allowed to scale up.”