Ian Screeton

Ian Screeton

Ian Screeton is the Engineering Manager of the Kirklees Light Railway who has masterminded the upgrading of the entire KLR locomotive fleet to incorporate “modern steam” features such as GPSC fireboxes, improved Lempor-based exhausts, roller bearings, steam sanding and Porta water treatment. Modification of the locomotives is an ongoing task that Ian undertakes as time and loco availability allow him.

The KLR currently runs four locomotives two of which (Badger and Fox) are pictured below. Ian describes the improvements that he has made to locomotive fleet in a report titled “Modifications to improve the reliability and operability of steam locomotives on the Kirklees Light Railway“.

;KLR’s 0-6-4 saddle tank “BADGER” (Chris Newman in cab)

2-6-2 side tank “FOX”
 Heisler geared 0-4-4-0 “OWL”

0-4-4-0 Kitson Meyer “HAWK”