The Revolution Project – a new concept in steam.

Members who have read ASTT’s Newsletter No 9 (Apr 2019) and attended ASTT’s 2019 conference in Crewe, will have an appreciation of the work that Jamie Keyte has put into his developing his concept for a revolutionary new steam loco which he has aptly named “Revolution”.   Rather than aiming for high performance and thermal efficiency, the emphasis is on developing a low cost/high reliability locomotive for the heritage railway sector.

Slide from Jamie’s 2019 Conference presentation.

The project is still at a very early stage and preliminary meetings are still being held with the aim of determining the design parameters that are to be followed.  However a few decisions have been made, most particularly that, funding permitting, AST will design and build a 10¼ inch gauge locomotive that will demonstrate and test a number of novel features that Jamie and others have proposed – most particularly, a novel suspension and chassis system that will eliminate the traditional plate frames with cut-outs for horn blocks that resulted in cracking that plagued so many British steam locomotives.

Four design meetings have been held to date, the latest in Edinburgh which focussed on the boiler, and on predicting its performance using a software package developed by AST member, Martin Johnson.

Revolution “boiler meeting”, Edinburgh – 6th Nov 2019
l-r:  Martin Johnson; Alex Powell; Jamie Keyte; John Hind.