AGMs and other meetings

ASTT held its Inaugural Meeting in the Old White Lion Hotel, Haworth on 24th October 2015.

Since then ASTT and ASTS have held their AGMs on the first Saturday in March (except in 2018 when heavy snow forced a two-week postponement).   AGMs have taken place as follows:

  • The 2016 AGM was held in the National Railway Museum, York, on 5th March.
  • The 2017 AGM was held in the Bury Transport Museum on 5th March.
  • The 2018 AGM was held in the Bury Transport Museum on 17th March.
  • The 2019 AGM was held in the Crewe Heritage Centre on 2nd March.

Each of the above AGMs were followed by technical presentations which logged-in members can access by clicking on the links in the drop-down menu linked to this page.