Other Useful Websites

Here’s a link that leads to information about all sorts of steam concepts, new and not-so-new:

Here’s a link to a website that offers some introductory information about steam engines that has been especially recommended by the students of Linda Fuller from the Colonial Acadamy:  http://www.custom-qr-codes.net/history-steam-locomotive.html.

Here’s a link to a website offering a historic perspective on the development of transport that has been especially recommended by Julianne, a student teacher at Enriching Kids – see http://www.engagetechnology.com/timeline_of_transportation_technology.

And here’s a link to a website describing the nature and history of steam power sent to me by Joy McMahon who is setting up a steam and railroad club through the Apple Creak Historical Society in the Midwest of America.  The website at http://texasaircomfort.com/harnessing-the-power-of-heat-with-steam-engines was discovered by Joy’s daughter Lizzie who has an interest in trains and steam locomotives.  Thanks Lizzie.  I hope you enjoy your fascination with railways. It is an absorbing hobby that can last a lifetime.  The more you discover about the subject, the more interesting it becomes.