UK’s new General Data Protection Regulations

The UK’s new General Data Protection Regulations come into force on 25th May 2018 after which date all organizations including societies and trusts such as ASTT that hold data on their members will have to be compliant.

In order to comply with the regulations, ASTT must have written permission from its members – both in the UK and overseas – for it to continue contacting them through the email addresses that it holds for them.

A Data Protection Letter and Data Protection Permission Form were circulated to members on 11th Apr 2018 outlining ASTT’s policies on Data Protection and requesting prompt completion, signing and return of the Permission Forms.

Notes:  In order to comply with the new regulations ASTT is adopting the following policies:

  1. ASTT will take responsibility for compliance with the new regulations;
  2. ASTT will not employ and external compliance assessor but will self-assess its compliance;
  3. ASTT will seek members’ permission to contact them by email.

Members will be aware that ASTT holds limited amounts of data on each of them.  In most cases this is confined to that contained in the Membership Application form originally submitted when joining.  Members may ask to verify the information that the Trust holds about them by writing to the Membership Secretary at



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