Posts and Comments

Instructions for adding “Posts”

To add a post logged-in members must first access the back-end of the website by clicking on the Dashboard icon at the top left-hand corner of any page (see below).

Clicking on the “Posts” option in the left-hand menu will open a new page as shown below:

On this page all the existing posts on the website are listed and can be viewed. At the top left-hand side of the page is a button marked “Add New” which (when pressed) will open a new page where members can add their own posts, as below:

Entries should include a “title” in the “text box” top at the top of the page, and their article or news item in the main text entry area in the middle of the page. It is then important to select the Category under which the post is to appear. In most cases, it is expected that this will be “AST News” but it’s up to the author to choose.

Once the entry is complete, the author should click on the “Submit for Review” button at the top right of the page. Entries are thus sent off to the webmaster for acceptance or rejection.

As noted elsewhere, when “AST News” posts are added to the website they are relayed to AST’s Facebook page as well.


Replies or Comments: these  can be added to Posts as described below:

Comments can be added against “Posts” through the Front-End.  For convenience, a listing of all comments (in date order) can be accesses for reading through the Back-End of the website.

Adding Comments through the Front-End:  To add a comment through the Front-End, logged-in members should go to the Post that they want to comment on.  (These can all be found under the “News” menu heading.)   At the bottom of the page should be found a text-box headed “Leave a Reply” into which a comment may be added.

Before posting a comment, one or both of the tick-boxes can be checked to initiate email notifications of new posts and/or follow-up comments.


Reading Comments through the Back-End:  When the Comments item in the Back-End menu is selected, it opens a page showing, in date order (starting from the newest), the text of all comments posted on the website as per screen-print below.