Downloadable Papers and Broadcasts relating to Modern Steam

The following is a list of some downloadable papers and broadcasts relating to the subject of Modern Steam.

Six other papers on Modern Steam can be found in the Proceedings of a Fedecrail conference held in Barcelona in May/June 1998 titled “Lectures on Steam Locomotive Operation in the 21st Century“.  The papers are as follows:

Note – in Aug 1977, Wardale presented a paper titled “The Steam Locomotive – Motive Power for the Future” to the South African Railways Engineering Society.  Most of the content of this paper is covered in his later work “The Red Devil and Other Tales from the Age of Steam“, however, having been written so much earlier, the author’s mood is refreshingly upbeat in comparison.  Furthermore, Wardale warns anyone reading the paper that it contains some fundamental errors which he only later became aware of.

The paper is in typescript form and covers 217 pages, and is not currently available on this website.