AST Group

AST Group Meeting 4 Oct 2014An AST Group project meeting at Keyte Smith Ltd‘s workshop in Derbyshire in October 2014.  Those present (clockwise from left): Richard Coleby; David Pawson; Mike Horne; Iain Jack; John Hind and Jamie Keyte.  Photo by Chris Newman

The Advanced Steam Traction group was established in 2012 following the closure of the 5AT Project.

The group seeks to promote the ongoing development of steam traction with the aim of prolonging steam operation on both main line and heritage lines for the benefit of present and future generations.

It can accomplish this by making steam locomotives:

  • more efficient;
  • less polluting;
  • less costly to run; and above all
  • more reliable.

Taking forward the ideals of the 5AT Group, the group aims to preserve for future generations the expertise and experience of pioneers of Modern Steam, such André Chapelon, Livio Dante Porta and David Wardale.

The group is constituted under the auspices of the “Advanced Steam Traction Trust” (ASTT).  “Advanced Steam Traction Services Ltd” (ASTS) is a subsidiary for-profit company through which commercial activities such as project work, book sales and conferences are undertaken.

Membership of the Trust is open to all.  For information about joining, see the How-to-Join page.