AST Organisation

The AST Group consists of:

  • a non-profit company limited by guarantee registered under the name “Advanced Steam Traction Trust” or “ASTT”, company number 09086052).
  • a commercial company, also limited by guarantee, registered under the name “Advanced Steam Traction Services Ltd” or “ASTS” (company number 09210668).

ASTS is the business arm of ASTT which sells books, arranges conferences and sells consultancy services for profit.

Both ASTT and ASTS are run by a Managing Committee consisting of the following (as of March 2023):

  • John Hind – Chairman and Trustee
  • Cedric Lodge – Secretary and Trustee
  • Chris Newman – Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Trustee
  • Richard Coleby – Committee Member and Trustee
  • Jamie Keyte – Committee Member and Trustee
  • David Nicholson – Committee Member and Trustee
  • Alex Powell – Committee Member and Trustee
  • Grant Soden – Webmaster and ex-Officio Committee Member

Other members who are actively involved in the management of the group include: