Advantages of Membership

ASTT offers the following privileges to its members:

  • Access to members-only pages of the website.
  • Access to ASTT archives including conference presentation files and video recordings.
  • Access to contribute to the Discussion Forum.
  • Discounted prices on ASTT publications – see Sales page.
  • Discounted entrance tickets to AST meetings and conferences.
  • Free entry to AST’s AGM and the members-only “mini-conference” that usually follows it.
  • Opportunities to learn about advances in steam traction technology and the science and engineering that underlie the technology.
  • Opportunities to contribute to AST’s efforts to maintain steam as an economic and reliable form of traction for both main line and heritage traction.
  • Opportunities to meet and get to know like-minded people and to learn from experts in the field.

AST is actively seeking younger members who can one day take over the endeavours of its older members.  AST offers free Student Membership to full-time students and apprentices.  One of our Student Members offered the following reasons why he joined:

“As someone who wants to go into engineering, the fact that you are a group that openly discusses areas where the steam locomotive could be improved is very attractive.  Being a member looks very good on the CV as it shows an actual interest in furthering my knowledge of engineering outside the classroom. It is things like this that give you the extra edge when applying to university.

As a steam enthusiast I do not wish to see steam locos removed from the main line and the AST group are actively looking for ways to try and stop this.

The group also seems very open to discussion and allows younger members like me to give their full and honest view and to have it properly considered.”