KWVR S160 Lempor Exhaust

KWVR S160 No 95280

The first project undertaken by the AST Group was the design, manufacture and installation of a Lempor exhaust fitted to KVWR’s S160 No 5820.  The design followed the principles defined in the Fundamental Design Calculations for the 5AT but incorporated a novel annular vacuum ejector exhaust that exits through an outer liner to the chimney rather than directly into the smokebox.

Components were manufactured under the supervision of members of the AST group, and installation was also undertaken by members of the group during the latter stages of the locomotive’s recent overhaul.

Since returning to service, the locomotive has been too heavily utilized to allow any testing or refinement of the Lempor design, but the KWVR report that it exhibits much improved steaming together with an increase in power.

Mike Horne has prepared some notes with illustrations describing the design and build of the Lempor exhaust for this locomotive.  These notes are currently available to members only from a separate page.