The AST Group is actively seeking to involve itself in any project where its knowledge and experience can be used for the benefit of steam traction, with a particular view to improving performance, reliability and economy, while reducing operating and maintenance costs and emissions.

Projects that AST are currently involved in are as follows:

  • The Revolution project:   the design and building of a 10¼” gauge demonstrator/test-bed locomotive that will be used to test out new ideas and to demonstrate the successful ones.  The locomotive’s chassis is a complete innovation which has been successfully tested on the Stapleford Miniature Railway.  It is hoped to complete the locomotive in time for the 200th anniversary of the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway in September 2025.
  • Testing of Low-Carbon Coal Substitutes:  ASTT is taking a leading role amongst other industry players in conducting trials of various low-carbon coal substitutes.

Past projects include:

The 5AT Group (whose members established and manage the AST group) was responsible for one or two commercial studies that were not directly related to the 5AT Project.  These included:

The Group welcomes inquiries from steam locomotive projects and owners, and from railway planners who would like to know more about the possibilities of using steam traction.