ASTT’s 2019 AGM

ASTT’s 2019 AGM was held at the Crewe Heritage Centre on 2nd March and was very successful in that almost half the current membership  attended, with some travelling from as far afield as Inverness in the north and Bournemouth in the south.  Three visitors also attended.

Those in attendance can be seen in the photo above – viz:

  • Committee Members:  1: John Hind, 2: Cedric Lodge, 3: Mike Horne, 4: Richard Coleby, 5: Paul Hibberd, 6: Jamie Keyte, 7: David Nicholson, (missing, Chris Newman holding the camera).
  • Full Members:  8: Dave Pawson, 9:  Chris Corney, 10: Doug Landau, 11: John Duncan, 12: Iain Jack.
  • Associate Members:  13: Alan Barnes, 14: Adrian Tester, 15: Grant Soden, 16: Joe Cliffe, 17: Vyvyan Vickers, 18: Dave Reynolds, 19: Les Turner, 20: William Powell, 21: Owen Jordan, 22: Geoff Ayres.
  • Student Members:  23: James Conway, 24: Chali Chaghila, 25: Alex Powell.
  • Visitors:  26: Keith Collier, 27: Neil Cadman, 28: Gordon Heddon.

Minutes of the Meeting will be circulated to members in due course.

The meeting was followed first by a talk given by Jamie Keyte who outlined his proposal for the “10¼ inch gauge Proof of Concept / Demonstrator that he introduced in a paper at ASTT’s 2018 conference.  Jamie brought a model chassis incorporating some of the novel concepts that he has in mind for the demonstrator (below).

It was agreed that a Kick Off meeting for a Feasibility Study into the build of a demonstrator will be held at the end of the month – see AGM Presentations page for further details.

Joe Cliffe then gave a most informative talk on “Locomotive Lubrication”, the subject of ASTT’s latest publication – “Porta Papers Vol 1 Tribology & Lubrication”.  A copy of Joe’s slides and a recording of his talk is available to members through the “AGM Presentations page” of this website (accessible to members only).

Following Joe’s talk, attendees moved across to the Heritage Centres visitors’ area where Keith Collier provided an explanation and demonstration of the British Caprotti valve gear fitted to the Duke of Gloucester – see a short video of the demonstration recorded by Alex Powell.  (Note: an explanatory booklet with a description of the valve gear can be bought for £6 from the Duke of Gloucester Trust.)

The Patriot chassis (on its wheels minus the centre drivers) was also on show.