Chris Newman – Mem. Sec. & Webmaster

Chris Newman BSc. Eng. – Membership Secretary and

Webmaster of the AST Group

Chris Newman

Chris is a retired civil engineer, born and educated in the UK.  After emigrating to Australia in 1970, he worked for 20 years in the grain storage, handling and transportation industry in that country before moving to China in 1991 where he worked as a consulting engineer on grain infrastructure projects, subsequently running his own small engineering business in China.  He moved back to the UK in 2013 after 43 years living overseas and has settled in Edinburgh.

Chris was one of the original team that started the 5AT project which he joined in late 2001 after reading Wardale’s book “The Red Devil and Other Tales from the Age of Steam” and meeting the author in Scotland.  Chris was responsible for setting up the project website and for the development of a new website in 2010.  He also provided the funding for Wardale to undertake the work involved in producing the Fundamental Design Calculations for the 5AT locomotive.  Chris has now taken on the roles of Webmaster and Membership Secretary of the AST Group.

In 2003 Chris was contacted by an Indonesian group planning the construction of a coal haulage railway, who were interested in using coal-fired steam locomotives to hauling their trains.  Chris undertook much work on behalf of that project, producing several reports estimating the cost savings that steam traction might have offered in comparison with diesel and electric options, in the situation where indigenous coal was available on-site at very low cost.  Several of these papers are available for download through the References section of the 5AT website.


Photo shows Chris Newman with Shaun McMahon on a visit to Rio Turbio, Argentina in 2005.