Crimson Lake Books

Crimson Lake specializes in technical books about steam locomotives – but with a difference.

Most books written for enthusiasts are concerned with the history of a locomotive class or group of classes, while a small number are concerned with aspects locomotive engineering – operation, maintenance etc. Far rarer are books that attempt a technical history whereby the two disciplines of history and engineering are brought together. Many locomotive historical events can only be explained within the framework of technical developments, of important inventions or even of misconceptions. In the same way technical development may only be appreciated correctly, provided it is put into a historical context. For example, engineering capability meant it was impossible in 1950 for an engineer to design a locomotive frame that he knew would remain crack-free for the life of the engine, hence it is unfair to criticise earlier designers if their creations cracked.

AST offers three Crimson Lake titles for sale, all authored by Adrian Tester*:

Their somewhat unprepossessing titles that belie the depth and extent of their contents. All three books challenge the received wisdom handed down to the enthusiast community by the likes of E.S. Cox and others. All are thoroughly recommended to anyone who shares an interest in steam history and technology.

The Physiology of the Locomotive Boiler midland-class-4-cover An Introduction to Large-Lap Valves & Their Use on the LMS Author Adrian Tester

* Adrian Tester BSc., C.Eng. B.O.T. First Class is a member of the AST Trust and proprietor of Crimson Lake.