Nigel Day completes the rebuilding of ‘River Esk’

Nigel Day stands beside “River Esk” in the Ravenglass workshop, 30 Apr 2018

Nigel Day has almost completed his 3 year task of restoring the Ravenglass & Eskdale’s 1923-built 2-8-2 “River Esk” following the disastrous fire in 2013 that caused severe damage to the locomotive.  He hopes to start testing the engine over the railway in around two weeks, after next weekend’s naming ceremony for the Ratty’s newly acquired “Spanish” Pacific.

The fire, understood to have been the result of arson, destroyed the railway’s workshops and much of what was in them.  “River Esk” was so badly damaged that practically the only items fit for re-use were the boiler, wheels and frames – and the boiler cladding which happened not to be in the workshop at the time   The locomotive has had to be fitted with a new tender, new firebox, new (cast) cylinders, new valves, pistons and motion, new pipe work, boiler and cab fittings, and upgraded air braking system.

Nigel has taken the opportunity to implement a number of modernisations (or “Nigelisations”, as he calls them) .  These include: fitting of multiple narrow rings of Perlite along with new streamlined liners on valves and pistons; a new Lempor exhaust; and steam sanding (using Lempor theory nozzles). In all about 90% of the components have been replaced.

Nigel has manufactured most of its smaller components, such as the exhaust system, cab fittings, safety valves, whistles, sanding gear and lubrication fittings, some of which are illustrated below.

Six valve rings – three sets of pearlite cast iron

Lempor Exhaust designed and built by Nigel Day

Mechanical lubricator (bought in) with fittings made and assembled by Nigel Day

Cab and fittings – all (apart from sight-glasses and gauges) made and assembled by Nigel Day

Whistles and safety valves manufactured by Nigel Day

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