Porta Papers Volume 1 – now on Sale

Volume 1 of a collection of technical papers by Livio Dante Porta is now available for sale – see the book sales section.

This first volume focuses on the tribology and lubrication of valves and pistons, and should be essential reading for everyone involved in new-build steam, and wise reading for anyone who is interested in how steam locomotives maiintenance costs could be reduced.  It includes four papers as follows:

  • Steam Engine Cylinder Tribology 1995 edition;
  • Steam Engine Cylinder Tribology 1975 edition;
  • Cooling of Piston Valve Liners 1978;
  • Mechanical Design of Piston Valves 1975 revised 1977.

The three papers from the 1970s were written for the guidance of David Wardale in his South African endeavours.  The 1995 Tribology paper was written as a full update of the original and, in the view of Joseph Cliffe (who wrote the Preface for this transcribed version), it is “the most complete account of steam tribology ever written and offers the steam movement a new level of understanding of lubrication and wear”.

The volume contains 250 black and white A4 pages and is priced at £27 including postage within Europe and £30 for postage outside Europe.  Being ASTT’s own in-house publication, a 20% discount is available to members.



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