“Locomotives that Were & Locomotives that Weren’t” by Robin Barnes

A new book by Robin Barnes “From the Files Locomotives that Were & Locomotives that Weren’t” is now on sale through Camden Miniature Steam’s website.  Robin is the artist who painted all the illustrations of the 5AT and 8AT derivatives that feature on the 5AT section of this website and in the 5AT Feasibility Study.  The book is to a large extent a sequel to his long-out-of-print 1985 title “Locomotives that Never Were”.

Camden describes the book as follows:

“In this lovely book, artist & writer Robin Barnes looks at locomotive development around the world over the years, considering and illustrating some 25 locomotives which actually were built, and a further 14 which never saw the light of day. There is also an autobiographical Introduction, and an ‘Interlude’ devoted to the trams of Robin’s home town of Edinburgh.

“This is Robin’s third book, the others being: Locomotives That Never Were (1985) and Broader than Broad. He has also contributed and illustrated many articles to enthusiast publications and undertaken commissioned works for patrons at home and abroad, the great majority of the latter picturing railway subjects but including to a lesser extent other forms of transport. Notably Robin provided the illustrations showing David Wardale’s 5AT Project in various versions and liveries; it is true to say that he is drawn to the unusual, and downright strange, as some of the locomotives featured in this book make clear.

“Very readable historical and technical details are provided for each locomotive or machine illustrated and, in many cases, there are secondary illustrations, be they paintings, technical drawings, or Robin’s own photographs.

“This is a book which will enlighten and entertain in equal measure for many years to come!

“96 large format (297 mm x 297 mm) pages. 65 paintings and illustrations by the author in a variety of styles, and 28 mainly colour photographs. Hardbound.”


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