Volume 2 of ASTT’s “Porta Centennial Compendium” now available for sale.

We are pleased to report that the second volume of the “Porta Centenary Compendium” is now available for sale.  At 331 pages, it is over 100 pages longer than the first volume, however we are offering it for the same price – £27 RRP or £21.60 after members’ discount, including UK postage.  This has been made possible by moving to a new on-demand printing company by the name of “Bookvault” which offers slightly cheaper printing costs and significantly cheaper set-up costs than Lightning Source which we’ve used in the past.  (Bookvault also offers a superior print quality such as was used to meet David Wardale’s requirements for his “Reminiscences of a Trainspotter”, but it comes at an extra cost that isn’t warranted for most publications.)

We have a problem however in that PayPal has withdrawn support for its “Buy Now” buttons which we’ve been using for several years.  So, until we can come up with another solution, buyers are asked to submit their orders by writing to info@advancede-steam.org.  We will then send out a PayPal invoice or “payment request” to facilitate payment.

Unfortunately, Bookvault’s prices for overseas postage are rather more random than Lightning Source’s and are thus harder to predict, so we’ll have to quote extra postage charges to overseas buyers depending on what Bookvault charges us.

Bookvault don’t yet have a printing-works in Australia, so Australian buyers will have to wait longer for their copies to reach them than titles printed by Lightning Source.  Hopefully this situation will change in the future as Bookvault’s business expands.

Anyway, please go to the Sales page where you can see a description of this new title.


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