Forum Topics

Introduction: This website contains a number of different forums each of which is listed in the Forum page.  The name of each forum defines the subject area that it covers.  Each Forum is a collection of Topics that can be added and discussed by members (through the addition of comments) as described in the following sections.

Whilst members can create their own “Topics” within any of the forums, they cannot create new forums.   If members see a need for a new forum – e.g. to cover a new subject area – they should write to the Webmaster by email or through the forum itself, asking for a new forum be set up.

Topics:  A topic is a subject for discussion which should fall within the general scope of the Forum that it is placed in.  New topics can be created by any member through the Front-End of the website.  Members who have been given the role of Moderator can also add and read Topics through the Back End of the website.

To create a new topic through the Front End, open the Forum that the topic is to be placed into.  At the bottom of the page is will be found an invitation to “Create New Topic in [Forum Name]”, below which is a text box into which the topic title can be added, and below that a large text box where the topic text can be placed.  Attachments may be added (max size 512 kB) using the Browse button at the bottom of the page – see below:

Topics:  Creating a new topic through the Back End can be done by members who have been given the role of “Moderator”.  This can be done as follows:

1 – Login to the site and click on the “Dashboard” link at the topic left corner of the page – as below:

2 – This should open up the “back-end” of the website giving you access to various functions – as below:

3 – Select the “Topics” function to see all the topics that have been set up – as below:

4 – Click on “New Topic” to find your way to the page where you can create your new topic.  Enter the topic name at the top and copy-and-paste your article into the text area below – as below:

5 – Choose a Forum for the topic to appear in from the drop-down list at the right of the page – perhaps General Discussion Topics for this one (see below).  The choice is yours, but if you think none of the Forums are suitable and want a new Forum set up, you can ask me to set one up for you.

6 – Click on the Publish button at the right of the page, and it should appear on the website.


Adding Comments or Replies to Topics: Members can add a reply or comment to the bottom of the Topic’s page (as below):


Subscribing to Topics:  Members can subscribe to any or all of the Topics by clicking on the “Subscribe” link near the top of the Topic’s page (as below).   When subscribed to a Topic, members should automatically receive email notification whenever a comment is added about the Topic.


Replies:  Below the Topics item in the Back-End menu is “Replies”.  Clicking on this opens a page that lists in date order all the replies that have been made to all Topics, as below:

To get back to the Front-End of the website, click on the Advanced Steam Traction link (or the little house icon) at the top left of the Back-End page.