AGM and General Meeting: Bury – 4th March 2017

ASTT held its AGM at the Bury Transport Museum on 4th March 2017.  A committee meeting preceeded the AGM which was followed by an afternoon general meeting at which five presentations were made.

The 20 ASTT members attending included:

  • John Hind (chairman);
  • Cedric Lodge (secretary);
  • Mike Horne (retiring secretary);
  • Paul Hibberd (treasurer);
  • John Duncan (Committee Member);
  • Jamie Keyte (committee member);
  • Richard Coleby (committee member);
  • Chris Newman (webmaster and membership secretary);
  • Adrian Tester (Associate Member);
  • Alan Barnes (Associate Member);
  • Andrew Taylor (Associate Member);
  • David Gibson (Associate Member);
  • David Pawson (Full Member);
  • David Hyde (Associate Member);
  • David Nicholson (Associate Member);
  • Joseph Cliffe (Associate Member);
  • Nigel Thornley (Associate Member);
  • Owen Jordan (Associate Member);
  • Robin Pennie (Associate Member);
  • Zach Bond (Associate Member).

Apologies were received from 11 members.

AGM Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting are still being prepared and will be distributed to the membership in due course.

General Meeting:  A general meeting took place through the afternoon, being taken up with five excellend presentations as follows:

  • “The Ultimate Steam Locomotive” by David Pawson;
  • “A new responsibility for the ASTT?” by Richard Coleby;
  • Revolution – Modern Steam – Modular Concept” by Jamie Keyte;
  • A brief update on the “Manxman” Rotary Steam Engine by Owen Jordan and David Gibson;
  • “Electronic Locomotive Indicating trials by ASTS Ltd” by Mike Horne.

It is hoped that with the agreement of the authors, copies of the papers (PPT files) and video recordings of the presentations will shortly be made available (to members only) through this website.



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