Porta Papers Volume 3 – Now on Sale

After a few set-backs and delays, ASTT’s latest publication “Selection of Papers by L.D. Porta – Volume 3” is now available for purchase through this website.

It features 19 papers formed into three groups under the headings: Boilers, Fireboxes and Combustion. Full details can be found on the book’s sales page.

This is the third volume to be published, the three volumes forming a matching set. Filling 290 pages, Volume 3 is slightly longer than Volume 1 (244 pages) and Volume 2 (250 pages), but it is offered for the same price: £27 for non-members and £21.60 for members, both including UK postage. Additional postage charges apply to buyers outside Europe.

Members can order a copy of the book from the members’ page but will need to be logged in to access it.

The topics of some of the papers may seem a little esoteric at first glance, but it is expected that most readers will find interest in all of them, and challenges in some!

Please note that all proceeds from the sales of this and other ASTT titles are accrued by ASTT for the purpose of enhancing the future of steam traction through its further development.

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